ITIs Basic Cosmetology course: Best ITI course for girls providing foreign job opportunities.

ITIs Basic Cosmetology Trade: Eligibility/Jobs/Benefits.

Basic Cosmetology

Basic cosmetology ITI course is one of the best trades for girls. A great job opportunity awaits the trainees who have successfully completed basic cosmetology training, especially in overseas job opportunities.

Basic Cosmetology - Overview

Title Details
Course name Basic cosmetology
Sector Beauty & Wellness
NSQF Level Level 4 (IV)
Course duration One(1) year
Course fee Government ITI- 180 Rupees to 4000 Rupees

Private ITI- 20,000 Rupees to 40,000 Rupees.
Eligibility criteria Age:14th and above

Education: 10th pass and above
Jobs after Cosmetology Beautician, Hair dresser, Make up artist, Manicurist, Pedicurist etc.,

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Duration : One year & Annual pattern.

Eligibility : 10th Pass and above

Age limit : 14th Age ,who has attained the age of 14th can eligible to join.

Subjects: Basic cosmetology trade Theory, Basic cosmetology trade practical, Employability Skills.

Basic cosmetology ITI Syllabus : Basic cosmetology ITI course is an one year trade. Basic cosmetology ITI syllabus consist of 3 subjects. Those are 1. Basic cosmetology tradew theory, 2. Basic cosmetology trade practical and 3. Employability skills.
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Basic cosmetology ITI Book: Basic cosmetology ITI Book released in Nimi and Bharatskills web portal. There are 2 books for Basic cosmetology ITI trade. Those are Basic cosmetology trade theory book and Basic csometology Practical book
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Scope: After the successful completion of Basic cosmetology,the trainees can eligible to apply for APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING at Government sector,Public sector and Private sector companies with good stipend,an average of 7000 to 12500 and above(approximate figure,may vary due to CPI(CONSUMER PRICE INDEX).

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JOB AREA : Mass vacancy in Foreign and India: Beautician, Hair dresser, Make up artist, Manicurist, Pedicurist,Hair stylist, Hair colorist, Yoga trainer and Entrepreneurship (self start business).(Sources:NQR-QUALIFICATION FILE.)

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