ITI Plumber trade after 8th pass course in ITI-

ITI's Plumber trade.


ITI's Plumber course after 8th pass.

Plumber is one of the top 50 best Trade for girls & boys after 8th pass.A great job opportunity awaiting for the trainees who are completed successfully plumber trade..

Plumber ITI Trade Highlights - Table

Title Details
Scheme Craftsmen Training Scheme (CTS)
Field Vocational Training
Sector Plumbing
Course Mode Engineering
Course Pattern National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT)

State Council of Vocational Training (SCVT)
Course Duration One(1) Year
Course Fees Government ITI fees 200 to 5000 Rupees

Private ITI Fees 10,000 to 50,000 Rupees
Age Limit 14th Age
Educational Qualification 8th Pass and above
Certificate National Trade Certificate (NTC)
NSQF Level Level 4
Plumber Job Opportunity Technician Jobs, Pipe Fitting, Foreign Jobs in Plumbing, Government Jobs, and Apprenticeship training
Higher studies Possibility Direct 2nd year Admission
in notified Engineering Diploma course.

Advanced Diploma Course conducted by DGT.

Duration : 1 year - Annual Pattern examination.

Eligibility : 8th Pass and above

Age limit : 14th Age ,who has attained the age of 14th can eligible to join.

Subjects: Plumber trade theory, Plumber trade Practical, Employability Skills, Workshop calculation & Science and Engineering Drawing.

Pass Marks There are 4 Papers for Plumber online CBT exam. Those are Plumber Trade theory, Employability Skills, Workshop Calculation and Science, Engineering Drawing.These papers Pass marks is 33%. Plumber Trade Practical Pass mark is 50%.

Plumber ITI Course Content

The below list mentioned the details of ITI Plumber Course Content

  1. Plan and organize the work to make job as per specification applying different types of Check for dimensional accuracy following safety Basic fitting operation – marking, Hacksawing, Chiselling, Filing, Drilling, Accuracy: ± 0.25mm]

  2. Perform Inner & Outer Thread cutting on Metal & Studs and thread cutting on different
    types of pipes & fittings accessories.

  3. Join wood with carpenter’s tools.

  4. Carry out cutting of Pipes of different Dia in different angle and Joining of pipes by gas Soldering and Brazing.

  5. Brick wall cutting for concealing pipe line.

  6. Carry out Cutting and Bending of Pipes using Plumber’s tools and equipment.

  7. Join various type of PVC pipe by heat process or Welding.

  8. Construct complete pipe line circuit with different types of Joints and fixing Cocks & valve Pipe line.

  9. Carry out cutting of different Types of PVC Pipe, joining and laying.

  10. Perform Water analysis test, Water Pressure test and Water distribution system by using Pipe line.

  11. and fitting & maintenance of drainage pipe line.

  12. Install and maintain different Electric pumps.

  13. Join fittings for different purposes on PVC pipe line.

  14. Construct inspection chamber, manhole, gutter, septic tank, socket etc.

  15. Test pipe line as per site drainage pipe line layout.

  16. Perform removal of leakage pipe line.

  17. Install, fix & maintain different valve & cock.

  18. Install & maintain water metre and water supply for fixture.

  19. Demonstrate method of bending for different materials & different pipe joint.

  20. Perform fitting and maintenance of Fixture at different place.

  21. Carry out fitting, fixing & laying installation of hot & cold water pipe line and symbolizing.

  22. Perform repairing & reconditioning of waste pipe line.

  23. Perform repairing & reconditioning, scraping & painting of sanitary fittings pipe line.

Scope: After the successful completion of ITI's Plumber the trainees can eligible to apply for APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING at Government sector,Public sector and Private sector companies with good stipend,an average of 7000 to 12500 and above(approximate figure,may vary due to CPI(CONSUMER PRICE INDEX).

JOB AREA : Plumber , Pipe fitting, Entrepeneurship ( self star) jobs. Diploma Lateral Entry for some notified courses after Sheet metal Worker.




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