ITI Plumber trade- After 8th pass course in ITI-

ITI's Plumber trade.

ITI's Plumber course after 8th pass.

Plumber is one of the top 50 best Trade for girls & boys after 8th pass.A great job opportunity awaiting for the trainees who are completed successfully plumber trade..

Duration : 1 year - Annual Pattern examination.

Eligibility : 8th Pass and above

Age limit : 14th Age ,who has attained the age of 14th can eligible to join.

Subjects: Plumber trade theory, Plumber trade Practical, Employability Skills, Workshop calculation & Science and Engineering Drawing.

Scope: After the successful completion of ITI's Plumber the trainees can eligible to apply for APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING at Government sector,Public sector and Private sector companies with good stipend,an average of 7000 to 12500 and above(approximate figure,may vary due to CPI(CONSUMER PRICE INDEX).

JOB AREA : Plumber , Pipe fitting, Entrepeneurship ( self star) jobs. Diploma Lateral Entry for some notified courses after Sheet metal Worker.




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