ITI Employability skills questions and answers- 2019 examination | AITT - PART B - ITI Employability skills questions - 2019

ITI Employability skills questions and answers 2019.

ITI Employability skills questions and Answers 2019 | AITT - PART B - ITI Employability skills questions and Answers - 2019.

AITT - Employability skills exam total marks 50. There are 25 questions. Each questions carry 2 marks. There is no negative marks and also additional questions, 25 questions only.

1.Pronounciation is
a..Utterance of speech.
b. A way of speaking a character.
c. A way of speaking phraseography
      Answer - b
2. This house ______ in 1970 by my grandfather.
a. built
b. was built
c. was build
d.has built
      Answer - b
3. Writers write to
b. Receive.
c. Build gap
d.All of the above
      Answer - a
4. ____ the step when you go in.
b. mind.
c. Attend
      Answer - b
5. CPU consist of
a. ALU + CU.
b. ROM + CU.
c. RAM
d. OMR
      Answer - a
6. The date and time is displayed on
a. Task bar.
b. Satus bar.
c. System tray
d.Launch pad
      Answer - a
7. ____________ display the address of the active cell.
a. auto fill.
b. name box.
c. cell pointer
d. Left Indent.
      Answer - c
8. The network layer concern with
a. bits.
b. frames.
c. packets
d. None of these
      Answer - c
10. A message is a signal that serves as
a. stimuli for a receiver.
b. stimuli for a mass audience.
c. noise reduction
d. stimuli for a speaker.
      Answer - a
11. Self awareness is having a clear perception of
a. Heart.
b. Personality.
c. Human being
d. Society
      Answer - b
12. When should you plan to arrive for an interview?
2 hrs
b. 1 hrs
c. 30 minutes
d. Right on time
      Answer - c
13. Head quater of NSIC Located in
a. Delhi
b. Jaipur.
c. Alwar
d. Bhopal
      Answer - a
13. Supportive organisation of RBI is
b. IFCI.
d. All of the above.
      Answer - b
15. Full form of ATM is
a. Any time money
b. Automatic Teller Machine
c. Automatic money
d. Assist time money.
      Answer - b
16. Nominal GDP of India as measured on October 2014 was
a. $ 2.047 trillion.
b. $ 1.625 .
c. $ 7.277
d. $ 5.777
      Answer - c
17. Using on-line banking you can
a. Use pass book
b. Transfer money
c. Use debit bills
d. Use credit bills
      Answer - b
18. Full form of GDP
a. Gross Domestic Product
b. General Domestic Product
c. General Domestic Process
d. Gross Domestic Process
      Answer - a
19. Currently the biggest steel producing country in the world is
a. India
b. America
c. China
d. Germany
      Answer - c
20. Physical hazards includes
a. Virus
b. Parasites
c. Improper temperature
d. Proper temperature
      Answer - c
21. Accident is a
a. Misbehave
b. Expected event
c. Unexpected event
d. All of the above
      Answer - c
22. Which of the following is termed as biological?
a. Lithosphere
b. Non- Living
c. Living
d. None of these
      Answer - c
23. For hand protection you should use
a. Long sleeves shirts.
b. Shield
c. Body harness
d. Gloves
      Answer - d
24. Which of the following is biodegradable?
a. Iron nails
b. Plastic mugs.
c. Leather belt
d. Silver foil
      Answer - c
25. The EPF and MP act was established in
a. 1952.
b. 1953.
c. 1941
d. 1951
      Answer - a

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