Way of effective Communication skills at workplace & Business - Verbal & Non- Verbal Communications.

Way of effective Communication skills at workplace & Business- Verbal & Non- Verbal Communications.

Author Name: Karthikeyan , MBA,Mphil,PGDPM & LL.,
Profession: Teacher(Trainer- Soft skills).

Way of effective Communication skills at workplace and Business - Verbal and Non-Verbal Communications.

Work handling and Business development depends on effective Communication skills. There are two types of Communications - Verbal & Non - Verbal. Both are influenced at work and Business Process in effective way. Client handling, System handling, Purchasing of office as well as Manufacturing unit Machinery & tools and equipment has required effective Communication tools and bargaining power. Modern Communication tools like Computer, Internet & AI has played a vital role in effective Communication.


Communication is a word originated from Latin language in the Late Middle English Age. Communication word is pronounced in Latin as Communis, Communicare. Later, It developed as "Communication". Communis means common and Comunicare means "to share".

Meaning: Communication is an exchange of information between two or groups. Communication means message passing between one to one , one to many and Many to one.


Merriam Webster defined, a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common systems of symbols, signs or behavior.

On line ETYMOLOGY Dictionary: Act of Communicating, Act of imparting,discussing, debating and conferring.

Shannon defined: Communication organized as sequential, clear, audible and meaningful from sender to receiver.

Kaith Davis defined:Communication is the process of passing information and understanding from one person to another person.

Louis Allen defined: Communication is the bridge of meaning. Murphy et all defined: Communication is the process of transmitting and receiving verbal and non-verbal messages. It is considered effective when it achieves the desired response or reactions from the receiver.

Communication Process

Communication- Sender:

One who starts conversation he/She/It is called as Sender. In other words Sender send messages to the receiver.
Sender send message in the way of Verbal and Non-Verbal Communications or Both ways.

Communication- Encoding:

Sender transfer of message is coded through proper Communicative Language and also Pitch, Sound, Intonation-Paralanguages.Sender exchange of Information has passed as encode to the receiver.

Example: Annotations is pronounced as A|N|N|O|T|A|T|I|O|N|S. Here all the letters organised and formed as a single word. Likewise All the sender messages are coded in the name of Encoding.

Communication- Transmission(Channel):

In Communication- Transmission is like an Agent or Medium. Communication transmitted through TV, Radio, Newspaper, Internet & AI. These all are called Mass media.

Media is an Electronic device or Natural air that transmitted information from sender to receiver.

Communication- Decoding:

Mass media or Air transformedinformation coded for receiver knowledge.
Electronic wiring, Satellitte signalling and air passes coded the sender message as it is or based on the capacity of transmission agent. This is called decoding.
Communication--------->> Electronically or Passed through air----> Decoding.

Communication- Receiver:

Receiver receives exchanged or transformed information from sender. In other words one who received information from the sender.

Communication- Feedback:

A communication is successful when the receiver received and also informed about the message to the sender. This is called successful communication.

Example: Examination preparation and Exam result-100%.
A particular task has completed-100% through communication.

Types of Communication

There are two types of Communication. I. Verbal Communication means Oral, Written form of transformation of messages. II. Non- Verbal Communication means - a communication will not be an verbal form.

I.Verbal Communication

  1. Oral form
  2. Anything can be interpreted through voice mode. This type of Communication is generally a dialogue,Lecture or any voice message form.

  3. Written form

This type of Communication is not in the mode of Voice. It will bea written form like- Letter, Newspaper, Article or any written forms.

II.Non- Verbal Communication.

Non-Verbal Communication is termed as body movement,Facial Expressions, or anything in the form of Body Languages.

Effective Communication tools

Newspaper to Artificial Intelligence has provided communication. We have to learn all the communication tools and How to use the tools properly?. Effective Communication is possible whenever These tools handling is simple at work. The below list of Mass media and Communication tools are listed

  1. Newspaper-This is an information center and fact provider for knowledge updation and social awareness.
  2. Radio- It provides NEWS and information through air mode. We can use Radio for effective communication learning and information gathering about society.
  3. Television- This is a kind of Mass media for communication. Here , We can learn a standard information which are important for the society.
  4. Internet- Personal knowledge updation as well as Social data collection hub is Internet. We can use for effective communication.
  5. AI- Artificial Intelligence is a new comer for the corporate world. We must know the AI functions like Mobile operating devices of Light, door,TV,& Car. It will be useful in future communication in effective at work and Business improvements.

Effective Communication courses

There are different on line courses in website or App for Communication learning. These courses provides effective Communication knowledge at work and Business.The below list of Sites and Apps gives best chances of learning Communication skill.

  1. Coursera
  2. Skillshare
  3. Udemy
  4. Codeacademy
  5. edx
  6. Google- Technical Writing
  7. "Google Technical writing"
  8. Google Digital Garage
  9. Google sponsored Communication courses through Coursera online platform
  10. "Google Digital Garage"
  11. Alison