ITI Employability skills questions and answers pdf 2018, 2019

ITI Employability skills questions and Answers pdf 2018,2019

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For Engineering and Non-Engineering Trade-2018-2019(Supplementary).

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1. Which one is not a vowel?.
a. A
b. E
c. F
d. I
Answer- c
2. Fill in the blank with proper interrogative adjective."__________ are you going"?.
a. Who
b. Where
c. Which
d. What
Answer- b

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3. Which one is in Passive voice?.
a. Mohan is a painting a house.
b. She was reading a book.
c. Her birthday was celebrated by us.
d. I have seen that movie.
Answer- c
4. Fill in the blank with proper reflexive pronoun."She has hurt______".
a. Myself
b. Herself
c. Himself
d. Itself
Answer- b
5. Rearrange the following set of words into meaningful sentence. "teacher / school / worked / she / a / as
a. School worked as a She Teacher.
b. She worked as a school teacher.
c. She teacher worked as a school.
d. Worked She as a school teacher.
Answer- b
6. Which one is Ordinal number?.
a. Two
b. Seventh
c. Twenty
d. Twelve.
Answer- b

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7. Which one is the "Don't" of discussion etiquette?.
a. Be open minded
b. Use moderate tone
c. Listen to others.
d. Argue unnecessary
Answer- d
8. A Resume should be____.
a. Short and Precise
b. Fancy and colorful
c. Having long and detailed information.
d. Having Acronym and abbreviations
Answer- a
9. Which one is not a conjunction"?.
a. and
b. are
c. but
d. on
Answer- d
10. A computer system consist of .
a. Software and Program
b. Hardware and software.
c. Mouse and keyboard
d. Circuit diagram
Answer- a
11. Expansion of RAM is .
a. Read Octal Machine
b. Random Access Memory
c. Read Access Memory
d. Random Access Machine.
Answer- b

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12. Which one is a file management tool that comes with windows.
a. Control panel
b. Windows explorer
c. Desktop
d. Notepad.
Answer- b
13. What is shortcut key for "paste" command.
a. Ctrl+C
b. Ctrl+V
c. Ctrl+A
d. Ctrl+X
Answer- c
14. Which one of the following options shows the synonyms for a word. We type in MS Word?.
a. Thesaurus
b. Spell check
c. Hyperlink
d. Style.
Answer- a
15. The expansion of WAN is.
a. Wide area name
b. Web assigned name
c. Wide area network
d. Web aided network
Answer- c
16. Which one is a web browser?.
a. Facebook
b. Outlook express.
c. Internet explorer
d. Hotmail
Answer- c
17. In MS Excel to insert a formula in cell, We must begin the entry with an operator-.
a. =
b. $
c. @
d. #
Answer- a

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18. A program that infect other program by modifying them is called__.
a. Virus
b. Antivirus
c. Webpage
d. Notepad
Answer- a
19. Which one is the latest and effective means of modern communication?.
a. Fax
b. Postal mail
c. Electronic mail
d. Message through TV.
Answer- c
20. In face to face communication " tone of voice" accounts for .
a. 7%
b. 38%
c. 55%
d. 100%
Answer- b
21. Gesture "Brisk and Erect walking" shows.
a. Boredom
b. Defensiveness
c. Confidence
d. Insecurity
Answer- c
22. Which one is a barrier to speaking?.
a. Poor Listening
b. Lack of time.
c. Nervousness
d. Reluctant to read
Answer- c
23. Which one is considered to be a good communication?.
a. Message is ambiguous
b. Sender attacks receiver
c. Sender is positive towards receiver.
d. Receiver doesn't listen to sender.
Answer- c
24. Motivation is categorise into.
a. Intrinsic & Extrinsic
b. Good & Bad
c. Inner & Outer
d. High & Low
Answer- a
25. Which virus infects the files of MS-Word?.
a. Antivirus
b. Micro virus
c. Trojan virus
d. Worm virus.
Answer- b

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