How to create e-mail?

How to create e- mail?

How to create e-mail?

e-mail is an electronics mail.There are different companies are offered e-mails such as GOOGLE presented G mail, Yahoo search engine presented Yahoo mail and Microsoft company is presenting Hotmail in a name of These are the well branded and popular e- mail accounts. Now the time to know about How to create e-mail account? .

First, we will know about, How to create an e mail account in Google presented G mail

  1. Click the below link for create an e- mail account
  2. Click : G mail account signup

  3. Enter : First Name , Enter name- Example Sachin
  4. Enter : Last name , Enter name- Example Tendulkar.
  5. Enter : Your desired name or any desired numbers which is more than 8 characters.You can enter Letters,numbers and Periods.
  6. After then , check whether your desired name or desired number or both name and numbers in 8 characters is accepted or not. It has shown, if It is not accepted, or It has taken by others. That is marking in red mark, otherwise you can proceed..,
  7. Lastly Enter : Password -Example 123456789 or 987654321 or one12345 or both numbers and letters. Use 8 or more characters with a mix of numbers & symbols
  8. Click : Next button in blue color.

  9. Enter your mobile number
  10. Enter your birth date
  11. Enter your gender
  12. Hit next

  13. If It is correct, Enter send

  14. Enter OTP Number which is sent to your entered mobile number.
  15. Click - verify
  17. Now you can send e- mail, receive email, compose email..., through g mail.

Do you like to create Yahoo mail. Click the below link

Click to create Yahoo mail

Do you like to create Microsoft - mail. Click the below link

Click to create Microsoft- mail