EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS for ITI Students | Employability skills Test Questions and Answers | pdf | Full details

EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS for ITI Students | Employability skills Test Questions and Answers | pdf | Full details



             This content is specially designed for students and those who are studying Employability skills, and we have added additional skills details which are required by big corporations and modern industry recruiters for students and job seekers. You can use this material for the preparation of employees' skills."

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Effective Communication skills at work



Employability Skills-II consist of 8 topics as follows,

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 I'd like to explain English literacy skills, which are required by the big corporates and include basic knowledge of reading, writing, and speaking without grammatical mistakes. English for Employability: A pdf can also be available from the below link. The details for English language skills can be found under the following headings:





Word stressed ups and downs is called Intonation.


An action word


It describes the quality of a noun


It specifies the quality and character of a verb.


It appeared as a bridge between two words to produce meaning.

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    ANNUAL PATTERN- NSQF (Old Pattern upto 2021) 
1.Which one is a Vowel?
         (a) j (b) q (c.) u (d) w
 2.Pronounciation refers to the ______________
         (a) spelling (b) grammar (c) punctuation (d.) production of sound.
 3.The word that is Pronounced the same as another word but differs in                meaning , is called______________
         (a) dipthong (b) consonant (c) homograph (d.) homophone
 4.Which one is a consonant?
         (a) a (b.) f (c) I (d) u
 5.All English alphabets, except vowels (a,e,i,o,u) are called____________
        (a) dipthongs (b.) consonant (c) homograph (d) homophone.
6.Fill in the blank with proper pronoun.
       He made this cake_________”
       (a) itself (b) myself (c) herself (d.) himself.
7.Which one is an adjective?

         (a) write (b.) large (c) Teach (d) learn.

8.Which one is an exclamation mark?

         (a.) ! (b) ? (c) , (d) _
9.Use the appropriate conjunction,
       “Is this a sheep____________ a goat?
        (a) as (b.) or (c) and (d) but.

SELF CONFIDENCE: 3 T's and 3 B's

10.Which one is an Active voice?

         (a.) Ram has scored two goals. (b) The ball was caught by him.
          (c) The book was being read by her. (d) We were drew home by dad.
11.Fill in the blanks with simple past tense,
        “The Princess's ball __________ into the well”.
         (a) will roll (b.) rolled (c) is rolling (d) has been rolled.
12.Fill in the blank with present progressive tense,
         “It ______________ dark”
          (a) got (b) will get (c) was getting (d.) is getting.

13.A resume should be _____________
         (a.) short and precise. (b) having acronyms and abbreviations
         (c) having long and detailed information. (d) fancy and colourful.

14.When you greet higher officials such as Teacher,Instructor or supervisor you should be___________
        (a.) “ good morning” (b) “hi” (c) “hello” (d) “hey”

15.Which one is a Cardinal Number?
        (a) XI (b) 2nd (c) 1st (d.) 1

16.Fill in the blank using suitable adjectives
       (a) My new box is very_______________(large)
       (b)The glass product is very_____________(beautiful)
       (c)The surface of my desk is very___________(broad)
       (d) I cut the vegetables with a very______________ knife(sharp)

17.Fill in the blanks with suitable adjectives given below.
      (twinkling. beautiful,scowling,bluish-green,mischievous,long,chubby,short-           sighted,wrinkled,week)
      (a) Geetha cut her___long______ hair before the party.
      (b)The old man's_____wrinkled________face was very disturbing.
      (c)The little girl's____chubby__________ eyes revealed her mischief.
      (d)The guests were charmed by the ___beautiful_____________ baby.
      (e)Due to severe fever,the girl became very week.
      (f)The new employee was scared to see the scowling boss
      (g)The bluish- green water in the ocean was so beautiful to see.
      (h)The short-sighted old man missed the number of the bus.
      (i)The teacher scolded mischievous venkat.
      (j)Asha was wearing a twinkling skirt.
18.Fill in the blank with suitable place,prepositions.
1. We should not believe everything we read in the news paper
2.Ram is not at home.He is at work.
3.I met kevin at college.
4.keerthi is in a meeting.
5.The college students were travelling on the roof of the bus.
6. I met my school teacher on the way to my village.
7.This was the best lunch in the world.
8.My house is on the third floor.
9.There were a lot of people at the party.
10.We had dinner in the train.

19.Assertive to interrogative sentence.
AREN'T THEY VERY GENEROUS?(interrogative).


20.Write the present participle of these verbs on the blanks.
1.Come come .
2.Go gone.
3.run run.
4.ask asked.
5.sleep sleep.
6.catch catch.

1.Full name(in block letters) :
2.Department/Branch :
3.Residential Address :
4.Telephone :
5.Date of Birth/age :
6.Gender :
7.Father's /guardian's name :
8.Nationality :
9.Mother tongue :
10.Languages known :

22.Greet the group and introduce yourself using the following guidelines.
                1. Good____________________ (Fill like;morning/afternoon/evening)

                2. I am ____________________(Fill like;name-Raja,Rani)
                3.I am studying ____________(Fill like;ITI,DME,BE,BBA, MBA)

                4.I come from ______________(Fill like;Karaikudi,Dindigul)
                5. I like to __________________(Fill like;become a manager/an engineer/supervisor).
  1. The following is one end of a telephone conversation. Fill in the blanks with the correct responses.(refer employability skills book and CD Audio)
    Hello. This is welding section.Can I help you?
    Yes, I would like to speak to Ravi please.
    Can you hold the line please
    Ok,I will hold the line.
    Ravi is not available at the moment.
    Oh, will he come for duty tomorrow?
    Of course,He will come for duty tomorrow.
    Ok then,Thank you.I 'll call again tomorrow.
    Thank you sir.
    Thank you.
24. Identify the cardinal number and ordinal number in the given list.
(a) TWO _______________ CARDINAL NUMBER
(b)THREE _______________ CARDINAL NUMBER
(c) TEN __________________ CARDINAL NUMBER
(a) FIRST ________________ ORDINAL NUMBER.
(b) Fifth ________________ ORDINAL NUMBER.
(c) TENTH _______________ ORDINAL NUMBER.
Note: which number are entered as first (OR) I , Second (OR) II, Third (OR) III …........ Tenth (OR) X, )
25. Match their expression in column A with appropriate context in column B
Would you please repeat that?
Asking for clarification.
I beg your pardon.
No I can't see that could happen.
Disagreeing politely.
Are you joking?
Disagreeing not so politely.
Ok, Prem! What's your comment on this issue?
Turn giving to another member.
Let's go to the next one!
Trying to stop a dominating speaker.
So what you are saying is that the whole idea would not have worked if not for foreign investment.
Excuse me but I would like to add on something.
Why don't we ask what others' feel on this topic.
Bringing the group back to the topic.
At the end we all agree that this programme will not succeed without governmental support.
26. Match the tasks indicated by the verbs in column A with the reaspective jobs in column B.
Align brakes
Installs circuits
Fits parts to machinery mechanic
Assembles pipes.
Drills and sets doors and windows.
Installs, maintains, troubleshoots, and repairs facility machinery.
Warehouse worker
Builds items such as furniture and stairs, repairs internal and external structure.
  1. A written description of duties and responsibilities to be carried out in job is called___________
    (a) Resume (b.) Job description (c) CV (d) Job Application.
  2. Fill in the blanks with suitable tense verb.
    Ajeeth___________ the length of the table and noted it down.
    (a) measure. (b) will measure (c) shall measure (d.) measured.
  3. Choose an appropriate ' wh – question for the following sentence.
    “I live in bombay”
    (a) What is your place (b) When did you leave bombay?
    (c) Why do you love living in bombay? (d) Where do you live?
  4. Fill in the blanks with a suitable “wh” word for the given sentence.
    _____________ are you living?
    (a) When (b) What (c.) Where (d) Why.
  5. Fill in the blanks with a suitable preposition from the given choices.
    It was not possible ___________ all trainees to attend the classes yesterday.
    (a) of (b.) for (c) to (d) by.
  6. Fill in the blanks with suitable comparative adjective.
    Ram is ____________ than shyam”
    (a) tall (b.) taller (c) more tall (d) tallest.
  7. Which is a silent letter in the word “ WRITTEN”
    (a.) W (b) T (c) E (d) N
  8. Which is the silent letter in the word “ANSWER” ?
    (a) R (b) E (c.) W (d) S
  9. Which are among the following should NOT include in your job resume?
    (a)Your name
    (b)Your eating habits
    (c)Your address
    (d)Your qualification


1.Which one is an input device of the computer?
(a) printers (b) Monitors (c.) Keyboards. (d) CD/DVD.

2.Which one of the following is an example of operating system?
(a) Microsoft word (b) Microsoft Access (c) Desktop (d.) Microsoft Windows.

3.The short cut key to select the whole document in Ms- Word?
(a) Ctrl+A (b) Ctrl+C (c) Ctrl+X (d) Ctrl+V

4.The expansion of WAN is ___________
(a) World area network (b) Web area network (c.) Wide area network (d) Word area network.

5.The short cut key to “cut” selected file / text is ________
(a) Ctrl +A (b) Ctrl+ C (c.) Ctrl+X (d) Ctrl+V

6.What is the function of control panel option
(a) It will show the devices connected to the computer.
(b.) I t will display the detailed information about the devices.
(c)It allows to make changes to the current setting on the computer.
(d)It allows to log “off” as user without turn “off” the computer.

7.The redo button on the quick access tool bar is used to ___________
(a) save the changes in document.
(b.) reverse the last action.
(c) keep the changes and retain the reversed action.
(d.) repeat the action just completed.
8.What is the function of slide show view option in MS-Powerpoint.?
(a.) To select the slide is to be displayed. (b) To present without transition effects.
(c) To display the views without menus or tool bar (d) To create new slide.

9.Which type of modem is a circuit board that can be added to the computer?
(a) external modem (b) wired modem (c) wireless modem (d.) internal modem.

10.Computer is made out of ________
( a) circuit diagram (b) software and program (c.) hardware and software. (d) hardware and circuit.

11.What is windows xp?
               (a.) operating system (b) storage device (c) processor (d) output device.

12.Microsoft powerpoint application is used to ______________
               (a.) create the presentation. (b) Write the programme (c) prepare the work sheet. (d) prepare                 the document
  13. The “undo” button on the quick access tool bar is used to __________
              (a) save the changes in document (b.) delete the data from the document (c) change the data                  in the passage. (d) reverse the last action.
14.selective questions.
               Which one is a don't for an interview?
              (a) confidence (b) informal dress (c) proper eye contact (d) calm approach.
15.Intrinsic motivation is?
              (a) for money or reward (b) short lived (c) long lived (d) to gain social accepta

Communication skills.

1).What is the appropriate response for the following greeting ram: Hi , I am vinith,How are you? I have joined as tool engineer.
(a) Hi, I am fine . Nice meeting you,Iam,vinacy,I work as a system engineer.
(b)Oh, bye then! (c) I am working and I am very busy, see you tomorrow. (d) O k so what.

2.)F ill in the blanks with a suitable prepositions from given chices.
The books were kept _________ the table.
(a) at (b) in (c) on (d) over.
3).Choose an appropriate “wh” questions for the following sentence.
“ I live in bombay”
(a) What is your place?
(b) When did you leave bombay? (c) Why do you love living in bombay?
  1. Whare do you live.
4).Read the following memo and answer the questions given below.
To: HITECH staff.
From: HR Manager.
Date: October 16, 2013.
Subject:Staff meeting to announce that the two week training programme .
I am pleased to announce that the two week training programme will start from october 20,2013.There will be a meeting to introduce trainers and schedule at 11.00 a.m on October 17,2013.Please join me to discuss the training programme arrangements. Please share this announcement with all staff immediately.
When is the staff meeting going to be held?
(a) October 16,2013. (b) October 17,2013. (c) October 11,2013 (d) October 20,2013.
5).Prasana is a fresh diploma holder attending an interview. H e was asked by the interviewer “ Where do you see yourself five years from now?” Which of the following do you think is the best answer?
(a) In five years I believe I would risen to the position of project leader.
(b) I don”t plan that far ahead. (c) I think in five years I will be working in another company.
6).What is the problem in the following message? “ Come and collect your daughter's report card on October 20,2013 at 11.00 am, from the class teacher”
(a) It is too short. (b) It is not couteous (c) It is incomplete. (d) It has mistake.
7).Frame a WH questions for the following sentence:
“ My favourite holiday place is Ooty?
(a) What is your favourite holiday place?
(b) What is your native place?
(c)Why do you like Ooty?
(d)Where do you live?
8).Deepa who is working in a software institute receives a call from student asking for the director who has gone out. Which of the following would be a suitable response over the telephone?
(a) Why are you asking for the director? I can answer any of your queries.
(b) i am sorrry the director is not available at the moment. may i take a message for him?
(C) I don't know where the director has gone
(d) you can't speak to the Director.
9).Identify where would come across the following message:
“ Kindly consider my application favourably and give me an opportunity to prove my credential at a personal discussion.”
( a) circular (b) memo (c) radio announcement (d) job application letter.
    Hello Ram. This is Kumar. I received the book on Abdul kalam by courier yesterday”. In this conversation who is
the recevier of the massage?
(a)Kumar (b)Courier (c)Ram (d) Abdul kalam
10. What is the appropriate response for the following telephonic query?
Telephone operator: Hello, this is SVS electronics. Can I help you?
    (a) When did you mail your resume yesterday
    (b) I like coffee, do you?
    (c) Yes, I am ram, I would like to speak to your M.D
    (d) I finished my homework now
11.Identify the kind of communication used in the following.
Please find the assignment attached”
(a) Memo (b) SMS (c) Telephone conversation (d)E-mail
12.withdraw Rs.500/. At an ATM. The ATM machine gives out Rs.5000/. Which of the following would be the effectively correct action?
(a)Make a complaint at the nearest branch of the bank (b) Take the money
    (c)Drop the Money to the poor (d) Give the money to the poor
      13.Which of the following is an achievable personal goal?
    (a) I want to become pilot (said by a child)
    (b) I want to become a superstar (said by a youngster)
    (c) I want to complete this project in two month(said by the student)
    (d) I want to buy a big house (said by an unemployed person)
14.What does “ASAP” Stands for in SMS language?
(a) As silent As probable
(b) As soon As probable
    (c) As soon As possible
    (d) As simple As possible
15.Which of the following is a long time goal?
(a) study for the exams
(b) become a chief doctor of a hospital
    (c) complete a given drawing
    (d) complete the ITI course successfully
16.Which sentence expresses your agreement in a group discussion?
(a) Let me try to under stand your view
(b) Personally I don't think it is like that
    (c)I accept your view point on this issue
    (d)yes, but people don't actually do such things
17.What is the problem with the following message?
“ A meeting is called to discuss the function on October 18,2013”
(a)The message threatens the receiver
    (b)The message is over emotional
    (c)The message is Judgemental
    (d)The message is ambiguous
    note: communication elements: words-- 7%: body language--- 55%: Tone of Voice--- 38%.
Body Language -------------------- Non verbal communication( without words ,only an action).
Body language position (gesture).
Gesture. Meaning.
BRISK,ERECT WALK ----------------------------------------- CONFIDENCE.
ARMS CROSS ON CHEST---------------------------------------- DEFENSIVENESS
BITTING NAILS---------------------------------------------------- INSECURITY,NERVOUSNESS
RUBBING EYE,HANDS------------------------------------------ DOUBT,DISBLIEF
OPEN PALM -------------------------------------------------------- sincere,opennes,innocence.
QUICK TILT HEAD---------------------------------------------- INTEREST.
STROKING CHIN-------------------------------------------------- TRYING TO MAKE DECISION.
Sitting legs apart hands to cheek---------------------------------- Open,relaxed,evaluation,thinking

  1. Which one is a Vowel?
    (a) j (b) q (c) u (d) w
  2. Pronounciation refers to the ______________
    (a) spelling (b) grammar (c) punctuation (d) production of sound.
  3. The word that is Pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning , is called______________
    (a) dipthong (b) consonant (c) homograph (d) homophone
  4. Which one is a consonant?
    (a) a (b) f (c) I (d) u
  5. All English alphabets, except vowels (a,e,i,o,u) are called____________
    (a) dipthongs (b) consonant (c) homograph (d) homophone.
  6. Fill in the blank with proper pronoun.
    He made this cake_________”
    (a) itself (b) myself (c) herself (d) himself.
  7. Which one is an adjective?
    (a) write (b) large (c) Teach (d) learn.
  8. Which one is an exclamation mark?
    (a) ! (b) ? (c) , (d) _
  9. Use the appropriate conjunction,
    Is this a sheep____________ a goat?
    (a) as (b) or (c) and (d) but.
  10. Which one is an Active voice?
    (a) Ram has scored two goals. (b) The ball was caught by him.
    (c) The book was being read by her. (d) We were drew home by dad.
  11. Fill in the blanks with simple past tense,
    The Princess's ball __________ into the well”.
    (a) will roll (b) rolled (c) is rolling (d) has been rolled.
  12. Fill in the blank with present progressive tense,
    It ______________ dark”
    (a) got (b) will get (c) was getting (d) is getting.
  13. A resume should be _____________
    (a) short and precise. (b) having acronyms and abbreviations
    (c) having long and detailed information. (d) fancy and colourful.
  14. When you greet higher officials such as Teacher,Instructor or supervisor you should be___________
    (a) “ good morning” (b) “hi” (c) “hello” (d) “hey”
  15. Which one is an Cardinal Number?
    (a) XI (b) 2nd (c) 1st (d) 1.
  16. Which one is an input device of the computer?
    (a) Printers (b) Monitors (c) Key boards. (d) CD/ DVD.
  17. Which one of the following is an example operating system?
    (a) Microsoft word (b) Microsoft Access (c) Desktop (d) Microsoft windows.
  18. The shortcut key to select the whole document in Ms-Word?
    (a) Ctrl + A (b) Ctrl+C ( c) Ctrl+ X (d) Ctrl+V
  19. CPU stands for_____________
    (a) central programme unit. (b) Central processing unit. (c) central planning unit. (d) central progress unit.
  20. Interconnecting two or more computers in a single room is called____________
    (a) LAN (b) WAN (c) MAN (d) CAN.
  21. Extension of MS-word file is ____________
    (a) .doc (b) .xls (c) .text (d) .ppt
  22. Which virus infects the important file of MS word?
    (a) Macvo virus (b) Trojan virus (c) worm virus (d) Anti virus.
  23. Which one of the following is NOT a mouse usage?
    (a) Moving the curser (b) Entering data (c) drag and drop (d) selecting.
  24. The data is stored in a Hard disk as __________
    (a) analogue voltage (b) analogue variables (c) Zeroes and Ones. (d) dots.
  25. Which of the following is a social networking website?
    (a) Netscafe (b) Outlook (c) Face book (d) firefox.
  26. The short cut key to “cut” selected file / text is ________
    (a) Ctrl +A (b) Ctrl+ C (c.) Ctrl+X (d) Ctrl+V
  1. What is the function of control panel option
      (a) It will show the devices connected to the computer.
      (b.) I t will display the detailed information about the devices.
      (c)It allows to make changes to the current setting on the computer.
      (d)It allows to log “off” as user without turn “off” the computer.
2.The redo button on the quick access tool bar is used to ___________
      (a) save the changes in document.
      (b.) reverse the last action.
      (c) keep the changes and retain the reversed action.
      (d.) repeat the action just completed.
3.What is the function of slide show view option in MS-Powerpoint.?
    (a.) To select the slide is to be displayed. (b) To present without transitioneffects.
    (c) To display the views without menus or tool bar (d) To create new slide.
4.Which type of modem is a circuit board that can be added to the computer?
    (a) external modem (b) wired modem (c) wireless modem (d.) internal modem
5.Computer is made out of ________
    ( a) circuit diagram (b) software and program (c.) hardware and software. (d) hardware and circuit.
6. Microsoft powerpoint application is used to ______________
      (a.) create the presentation. (b) Write the programme (c) prepare the work sheet. (d) prepare the document
7.The “undo” button on the quick access tool bar is used to __________
      (a) save the changes in document (b.) delete the data from the document (c)change the data in the passage. (d) reverse the last action.
8. Which one is a don't for an interview?
    (a) confidence (b) informal dress (c) proper eye contact (d) calm approach.
9.Intrinsic motivation is?
    (a) for money or reward (b) short lived (c) long lived (d) to gain social acceptance.
10.Which one is don't in interview etiquette?
      (a) be confident (b) Dress appropriatelly (c) proper eye contact (d) lie about your ability to get a job
12. listening to a song only derives pleasure comes under__________
      (a) critical listening (b) therapeutic listening (c) appreciative listening. (d) comprehensive listening.
13. Which one of the following options shows only synonyms for a word ,we type in MS word?
    (a) thesaurus (b) spell check (c) hyperlink (d) style.
14.A program that infects other program by modifying them is called__________ (a) virus (b) antivirus (c) web page (d) note pad.
15.Which one is a barrier to speaking?
(a) poor listening (b) lack of time (c) nervousness (d) insecurity.

PARTS  OF SPEECH; 8 Kinds of Parts of speech . 1.Noun,    2.Pronoun,3.Adjectives, 4.Verb , 5.Adverb 6.Prepositions                                          7. Conjunctions, 8.Interjections
VOWEL : A,E.I.O.U are vowels except consonant.

CONSONANT : All the letters except vowels,21 letters are consonant.

DIPTHONGS : 2 adjacent vowel sound occuring with the same sequence of speech sound

HOMOPHONE: A word pronounced the same as another word but differ in meaning. Ex:sun,son

HOMOGRAPHS: A word that shares same written form as another word but has different meaning.

ARTICLE : Explain the weend form of noun.They are a,an,the.

ADJECTIVES:Adjectives generally appear before a noun and descripe the quality of noun.

ADVERB: Adverb decribe the verb,It appears after noun.

Conjunction:conjunction is a linking wordsuch as and, or,but.conjuctions are used to connect words or sentences.

Interjections: an interjections is a word that expresses a sudden ,strong feeling such as surprise,pain

Declerative sentence: declarative sentence makes a statement.

Exclamatory sentence: an exclamatory sentence expresses strong emotion.

Imperative sentence: an imperative sentence makes an orderuse the base form of a verb to give commands or make direct requests.

Steps in job application and resume writing.

1.Read job advertisement
2.identify job that suits requirement.
3.prepare resume cover letter to apply for job.
4.send application letter and resume.
5.receive interview call letter.
6.appear at interview.
7.Get job.


Input devices:
keyboar,mouse,digital camera,scanner,mic,barcode reader,joystick.
Output devices:
printers,scanners,fax machine,monitor,speaker and headphone,multimedia projector
standard computer keyboard has about 100keys.it designed in qwerty layout.
impact printers and non impact printers.
Impact printers: dot matrix printers.
Non impact printers: inkjet, laser.
Monitors: CRD and LCD Monitor.
CRD: Cathode ray tube monitor.
LCD: Liquid crystal display monitor.
Storage devices.
Floppy disks,hard disks,CD,DVD,USB Flash drive,CPU.
FLOPPY DISKS: 3.5 -inch disks store 1.44 MB of Data.
HARD DISKS: Spins at 5,400-7,200 rpm.Can strore GB to TB.
CD: Avilable in various format CD-ROM,CD-R,CD-RW,can hold 700 MB of Data.
DVD's: Available as DVD-ROM,DVD-R,DVD-RW.Can hold 4.7 GB of Data.
USB Flash Drive: Storage capacity between MB-GB.
CPU: Primary componants of CPU .
ALU: Arithmatic logic unit that perform mathematical,logical,and decisions operations.
CU: Control Unit that directs all of the processors operations.

CPU Brands:
pentium made by intel
celeron made by intel
athlon made by AMD
RAM: Random access memory.
Temporary storage for data and program that are being accessed by the cpu.contets erased when the computer is power off.More RAM means more capacity to hold and process large programs and files as well as enhance system performance.
Types of RAM:
1.dynamic random access memory(DRAM)
2.Static Random Access Memory(SRAM)
3.Fast page mode dram(FPM Memory)
4.Extended data out ram (edo)
5.synchronous DRAM(SDRAM)
6.Double data rate SDRAM(DDR SDRAM)
7.Double data rate 2 SDRAM(DDR2 SDRAM)
ROM: Read Only Memory.
Basic instructiona for booting the computer and loading the operating system are stored in ROM.
Types of ROM:
PROM : Programmable read only memory
EPROM : Erasable programmable read only memory.
EEPROM :Electrically erasable programmable read -only
Processor and memory:
Byte -one character of data (8 bit)
1 kilobyte(kb) =1024 byte
1 gigabyt(gb) = 1024 mega byte
1 Terabyte (TB)= 1024 gigabyte.

Windows 7 operating system:
(for sylabus study only)

start button:

It located at the bottom of the screen on the left hand side.
The documents menu links to default saving location.
This will link for pictures folder.
This link to a folder for storing music.
clicking this link will show the drives connected to this computer.
Control panel:
Allows to making changes to the current settings on the computer.
Devices and printers:
devices are printer ,scanner,fax,xe3roxe machine..,
Search programme and files:
Allows to search for files,folder,printers and softwares application etc..,
Help and Support:
Access to a help facility where can find out how to do certainthings on the computer.
Allows you to logoff as a user without turning off the computer .This would allows someone else can logon.
Desktop in windows:
The re are certain files in desktop those are listed below
My document:
When you want to open a file or save a file windows initially opens the MY DOCUMENT dialoque box.
My computer displays information about the computer, such as the contents of the computern drives and which printers have installed .It also allows finding ,viewing,and organising files.
It display the internal hard disk.These are named as C,D,E and also hae more spaces.
The recycle bin:
The computer data file should be tied up regularly and any unwanted files deleted from the sysytem.Any files delete from the hard drivewill be placed first in the recycle bin.
Internet explorer:
internet conection to search and view the information on the world wide web.It si used to search the internet for people,business,and information,about subjects,download music,copy graphics,stay in touch with or meet new friends,and a host of other activities.
Adding and removing icons on the desktop:
Mouse righ click is used for remove the icon in desktop with the help of cut or delete option usage.
Addinf a afile or folder or any things can possible throughdrag and drop or copy ,past method.
Employability skills question pattern and syllabus

Three topics :I SEMESTER.
1.English literacy

2.IT Literacy

3.Communication Skills

English literacy-------- 12 or 10 questions possible
IT Literacy ---------- 10 or 12 questions possible
Communication skills-- 5 or 6 questions possible
overall 25 questions for 50 marks:per question carry 2 marks; 25x2=50 marks.
Note : negative marks for wrong answer questions

You must attend correct answer for more than 20 questions,then only you may get good marks, and also pass marks.


Now ITI Employability skills subject exam pattern has changed. Refer the begining of this Article.







Now ITI Employability skills subject exam pattern has changed. Refer the begining of this Article.

Do you like to attend Latest syllabus NSQF based questions click below link

Click-link for First semester quiz
Click-For Second Semester Questions


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