ITI Employability skills Questions & Answers solved paper-Common for all trades.

ITI Employability skills Questions & Answers solved paper.

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1.The percentage of small industry sector is___of whole industrial production of the country:
a. 25%
b. 50%
c. 70%
d. 80%
Answer- b
2.The reasons for failure of an industrialist are_____
a. Tough competition
b. More expenditure
c. High rate of product.
d. All of these
Answer- d
3. Full form of DIC is____
a.Direct Investment Centre
b.Delhi Industrial Corporation
c.District Industry Centre
d. Dual Invetment corporation
Answer- c
4. How many banks were nationalised on 15th April,1980?
a. 4
b. 6
c. 8
d. 10
Answer- b
5. When was Indian Finacial Corporation of India (IFCI)establishe?
a. 1948
b. 1946
c. 1951
d. 1956
Answer- a
6. Which of the following was established as an ancillary organization of Indian Reserve Bank ?
d. All of these.
Answer- ac
7. First cotton mill was set up in____
a. Kolkata
b. Rajasthan
d. Andhra Pradesh
Answer- a
8.Members in Partnership are ___
a. One
b.Two or more than two
c.One hundred
d.Five hundred
Answer- b
9.Important thing in selection of an Industry is____
a. Demand of product.
b. Capital
c. Nearest Transport Facility
d. Al of these.
Answer- d
10. The most developed country is___
a. Germany
b. Japan
c. Switzeland
Answer- c
11.Which are the sudden risk?
a. Injury
b. Accident during working on Machine.
c. Fire
d. All of these
Answer- d
12. Workmen Compensation Act was implemeted in___
a.July 1923
b.December 1923
c. July 1924
d. December 1924
Answer- c
13. Arrangement of_____must be available in industry in which women workers employed
a. Creches
b. Maternity home
c. Canteen
d. Rest rooms
Answer- a
14. Production work___due to strike or lockout.
a. Cost Increases
b. Panic increases
c. Fatique increases
d. Stops
Answer- d
15.Which of the following one is part of Total Quality Cost?
a.Prevention cost
b.Evaluation cost
c. Failure cost
d. All of these
Answer- d
16. Best price or Zero cost is___
a. Quality Leadership
b. Poor quality product
c. Discounted cost
d. None of these.
Answer- d-Prerogative cost
17.Quality means
a.Zero error
b. As per requirement
c. Meeting the standard established for the product
d. Both (b)& (c)
Answer- d
18. Recycling ____ the cost of product
a. Decreases
b. Increases
c. No effect
d. none of the above
Answer- a
19. 80% problems are found in 20% work, this concept was given by____
a. Deming
b. Crosbey
c. Juran
d. Pareto
Answer- d
20. Continuous reform process uses ___ cycle
c. QC
Answer- a
21. The aim of Kaizen is to remove the___
a. Useless item
b. Productivity
c. Personification
d. Negligence
Answer- a
22. How many countries are the member of ISO?
a. 58
b. 91
c. 101
Answer- c- now 165
23. Hand protection is done in industries through___
a. Helmet
b. Goggles
c. Gloves
d. Mask
Answer- c
24. Suggestions under "Kaizen" may be implemented _____
a. Within a week
b.Within the approval of CEO
c. Immediately
d. At the time of expansion
Answer- b
25.The long term benefits by using 5S system is/are___
a. Efficiency
b. Safety
c. Increase in profit
d. All of these.
Answer- d

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