ITI Electrician trade questions and Answer[First year] pdf/printable - Nimi mock test

ITI Electrician trade questions and Answer[First year] pdf/printable

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For First year trade theory.

1. "Smoothering" in Extinguisher of Fire.
a. Adding the fuel element into the fire
b.Removing the fuel element from the fire
c. Using of water to reduce the temperature
d. Isolating the fire from the supply of Oxyzen
Answer- d
2. What type of Fire extinguiser used for Electrical equipments fire?
a. Halon type
b. Foam type
c. Gas cartridge type
d. Stored pressure type
Answer- a

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3. What is PPE?
a. Personal Protective Equipment
b. Person Personal Equipment
c. Personal Production Equipment
d. Personal Protection Element.
Answer- a
4.What is the full form of "BIS"
a. Bureau of International Standard
b. Board of International Standard
c. Born In Standard
d. Build In Standard
Answer- a
5. Which type of Occupational health hazard is cause for infection?
a. Electrical hazard
b. Biological Hazard
c. Physiological Hazard
d. Social Hazard
Answer- b
6. Whichrule is used to find the direction of induced emf in D.C generator
a. Corkscrew rule
b. Right hand palm rule
c. Fleming's left hand rule
d. Fleming's right hand rule
Answer- d

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7. Which energy is converted into electrical energy by generator
a. Heat
b. Kinetic
c. Chemical
d. Mechanical
Answer- d
8. What is the Principle of DC generator
a. Cork screw rule
b. Fleming's left hand rule
c. Fleming's right hand rule
d. Faradays law of electromagnetic induction
Answer- d
9. What is the formula for dynamic induced emf?
a. BLV Volts
b.BL Sin volts
c.BLV SIN Volts
d.BLV Cos volts
Answer- c
10. How many parallel paths in duplex lap winding of a 4 pole DC generator.
a. 4
b. 6
c. 8
d. 12
Answer- c

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