What is ITI | courses | Full form of ITI | Admission, Eligibility, Fees, Duration, Syllabus, Books, Mock Test, Certificate, Jobs and Higher studies after ITI | NSQF Full Form

What is ITI | courses | Full form of ITI | Admission, Eligibility, Fees, Duration, Syllabus, Books, Mock Test, Certificate, Jobs and Higher studies after ITI | NSQF Full Form

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Government ITI, Instructor.

ITI Full Form

ITI stands for INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE.ITI Head quarters situated in New Delhi. Directorate General of Employmnet and Training (DGET) organised & monitored Industrial Training Institute(ITI). National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) has provided certificate for ITI courses. ITI is a training place, named as Craftsmen Training Scheme(CTS) Institute.

DGT offered ITI course in the name of CTS as Vocational Training. CTS was introduced by the Government of India in year 1950.

ITI Administration was transferred to state Government/ Union territory from central Governemnt on the year of 1956.

The below table indicates ITI Full form in all Indian Languages.

Title Details
ITI Full form in Hindi औद्योगिक प्रशिक्षण संस्थान
ITI Full form in English Industrial Trainiing Institute
ITI Full form in Marathi औद्योगिक प्रशिक्षण संस्था
ITI Full form in Tamil தொழிற் பயிற்சி நிலையம்
ITI Full form in Telugu పారిశ్రామిక శిక్షణ సంస్
ITI Full form in Kannada ಕೈಗಾರಿಕಾ ತರಬೇತಿ ಸಂಸ್
ITI Full form in Malayalam വ്യാവസായിക പരിശീലന സ്ഥാപന
ITI Full form in Gujarati Industrialદ્યોગિક તાલીમ સંસ્થા

ITI and its concomitant terms full form

Title Details
COE full form Center of Excellance (COE)
CTS full form Craftsmen Training Scheme (CTS)
NCVT certificate full form National Council of Vocational Training certificate(NCVT)
SCVT full form State Council of Vocational Training (SCVT)
DGET full form Directorate General of Employment and Training(DGET)
PPP full form Public Private Partenership (PPP)
ATS full form Apprenticeship Training scheme (ATS)
CITS full form Craftsment Instructor Training Scheme(CITS)
NSQF full form National Skill Qualification Framework(NSQF)

About ITI - DGET Definition for ITI

ITI Definition: DGET defined ITI as "Craftsmen Training Scheme (CTS)" for training of skilled craftsmen is implemented through Govt. and Pvt. Industrial Training Institutes(ITIs) which are under the administrative and financial control of state Govt and Union territory Administrations. Duration of these training courses varies from 6 months to 2 years duration. "

ITI Overview

Title Details
ITI Industrial Training Institute (ITI)
Established year July, 1945
Ministry Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE)
Department Directorate General of Employment and Training (DGET)
Field Vocational Training
Scheme Craftsmen Training Scheme (CTS)
Course mode Regular, Private and Online
Course stream Engineering and Non- Engineering
Standard Intermediate
Course Duration 6 Months, One year, and 2 years
Exam Name All India Trade Test (AITT) Exam
Exam type Online Computer Based Test (CBT) Exam
Course Certificate National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT)

State Council of Vocational Training (SCVT)
Certificate Name National Trade Certificate (NTC)
NCVTMIS portal https://www.ncvtmis.gov.in
ITI Portal https://dgt.gov.in
Official Contact Address Number 95, Metro Pillar, DGT, MSDE B-2, Kaushal Bhavan, Pusa Road, Karol Bagh (Opposite), New Delhi- 110005

What is ITI?

ITI stands for Industrial Training Institute. ITI is administered by India's Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE). In India, different schemes of skill training courses are offered by Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs).

In India, the Directorate General of Employment and Training (DGT) offered 143 ITI Courses.

ITI courses are listed as Vocational Training courses. Even the name of the ITI Course programme is the Craftsmen Training Scheme (CTS). ITI Courses are designed to provide skill training in the manufacturing and service industries in order to meet the demand and supply for qualified technicians.

Engineering trades and non-engineering trades are the two main categories of ITI courses.

ITI headquarter & Monitoring center:

DGET-Directorate General of Employment and Training is the sole authority in association with MSDE. DGET has been conducting skill training and examination for ITI in all over India. There are 6 zones under the control of DGET are running for monitoring,Policy creation, guidelines and syllabus formation for ITI courses. Six zones are from the various states of Chennai, Mumbai,Calcutta,Delhi,Faridabad,Pune in India. Training and certificates are provided at ITI for further Apprenticeship jobs and also permanent jobs.Apprenticeship


  1. Department: DGT-Directorate General of Training.
  2. Central Minister: Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey.
  3. Minister of state: Shri Raj Kumar sing.
  4. No of ITIs in India: 14,491(Govt & Private)
  5. No of Trades: 138(Courses)
  6. Certifying Authority: NCVT, SCVT


The below chart indicates. Maharastra(MUMBAI) having the more number of Government ITI than other Indian states. No of Government ITIs in Maharastra is 420. Uttar Pradesh,Karnataka, Gujarat, & Madhya Pradesh placed 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th largest number of Government ITIs in India.

No. of Private ITI in India.

The below Bar chart predict. Uttarpradesh having the more number of Private ITI than other Indian states. No. of Private ITIs in Uttarpradesh is 2971. Rajasthan, Karnataka, Bihar & Madhya Pradesh placed 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th largest number of Private ITIs in India.


Industrial Training Institute has been offering more than 134 trades under the group of 35 main trades.The below chart clearly indicates Electrician course having more number of seats than other courses. Electrician trade/Course having the total number of 510416 seats in all over India. Other trades of Fitter, COPA, Diesel mechanic & Welder has shared 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place in respect of all over ITI seats.

ITI courses after 10th, 12th and 8th pass - Engineering Trades list.

There are 73 Engineering trades in ITI. Those are 1 year and 2 years courses. ITI courses in Engineering trades has been providing a huge job opportunities.

  1. Additive Manufacturing Technician (3D Printing) (NSQF Level - 4)- Very New course
  2. Aeronautical Structure and Equipment Fitter (NSQF Level - 5)-New course
  3. Aeronautical Structure and Equipment Fitter course is available in Government ITI, Nagpur in Maharashtra at Nagpur,Shraddhanand perth opp Blind school.

  4. Architectural Draughtsman (NSQF Level - 5)-New course
  5. Attendant Operator (Chemical Plant) (NSQF Level - 5)
  6. Carpenter (NSQF Level - 4)
  7. Central Air Condition Plant Mechanic (NSQF Level - 5)-New course
  8. Civil Engineering Assistant (NSQF Level - 5)
  9. Draughtsman (Civil) (NSQF Level - 5)-
  10. Draughtsman Mechanical (NSQF Level - 5)
  11. Domestic Painter (NSQF Level - 4)
  12. Electrician (NSQF Level - 5)
  13. Electrician-Power Distribution (NSQF Level - 5)
  14. Electronics Mechanic (NSQF Level - 5)
  15. Electroplater (NSQF Level - 5)
  16. Fitter (NSQF Level - 5)
  17. Foundryman (NSQF Level - 4)
  18. Industrial Painter (NSQF Level - 4)
  19. Information and Communication Technology System Maintenance (NSQF Level - 5)-New course
  20. Information Technology (NSQF Level - 5)-New course
  21. Instrument Mechanic (NSQF Level - 5)
  22. Instrument Mechanic (Chemical Plant) (NSQF Level - 5)
  23. Interior Design and Decoration (NSQF Level - 4)
  24. Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant) (NSQF Level - 5)
  25. Lift and Escalator Mechanic (NSQF Level - 5)
  26. Mechanic Agricultural Machinery (NSQF Level - 5)
  27. Machinist Grinder (NSQF Level - 5)
  28. Machinist (NSQF Level - 5)
  29. Maintenance Mechanic (Chemical Plant) (NSQF Level - 5)
  30. Marine Engine Fitter (NSQF Level - 4)
  31. Marine Fitter (NSQF Level - 5)
  32. Mason (Building Constructor) (NSQF Level - 3)
  33. Mechanic Auto Body Painting (NSQF Level - 4)
  34. Mechanic Auto Body Repair (NSQF Level - 4)
  35. Mechanic Auto Electrical and Electronics (NSQF Level - 4)
  36. Mechanic Consumer Electronic Appliances (NSQF Level - 5)
  37. Mechanic Diesel (NSQF Level - 4)
  38. Mechanic Lens/ Prism Grinding (NSQF Level - 4)-New course
  39. Mechanic Motor Veichle (NSQF Level - 5)
  40. Mechanic Machine Tool Maintenance (NSQF Level - 5)
  41. Mechanic Mining Machinery (NSQF Level - 5)
  42. Mechanic Tractor (NSQF Level - 4)
  43. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician (NSQF Level - 5)
  44. Mechanic Two and Three Wheeler (NSQF Level - 4)
  45. Operator Advanced Machine Tool (NSQF Level - 5)
  46. Painter (General) (NSQF Level - 5)
  47. Plastic Processing Operator (NSQF Level - 4)
  48. Plumber (NSQF Level - 4)
  49. Pump Operator cum Mechanic (NSQF Level - 4)
  50. Refractory Technician (NSQF Level - 5)
  51. Rubber Technician (NSQF Level - 4)-New course
  52. Sheet Metal Worker (NSQF Level - 3)
  53. Solar Technician (Electrical) (NSQF Level - 4)
  54. Spinning Technician (NSQF Level - 5)
  55. Stone Processing Machine Operator (NSQF Level - 4)
  56. Stone Mining Machine Operator (NSQF Level - 4)
  57. Surveyor (NSQF Level - 5)
  58. Tool & Die Maker (Dies & Moulds) (NSQF Level - 5)
  59. Tool & Die Maker (Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures) (NSQF Level - 5)
  60. Technician Medical Electronics (NSQF Level - 5)
  61. Technician Mechatronics (NSQF Level - 5)
  62. Technician Power Electronics Systems (NSQF Level - 5)
  63. Textile Mechatronics (NSQF Level - 5)-New course
  64. Textile Wet Processing Technician (NSQF Level - 5)
  65. Turner (NSQF Level - 5)
  66. Vessel Navigator (NSQF Level - 5)
  67. Welder (NSQF Level - 4)
  68. Welder (GMAW & GTAW) (NSQF Level - 3)
  69. Welder (Pipe) (NSQF Level - 3)
  70. Welder (Structural) (NSQF Level - 3)
  71. Welder (Fabrication & Fitting) (NSQF Level - 3)
  72. Welder (Welding & Inspection) (NSQF Level - 3)
  73. Weaving Technician (NSQF Level - 5)
  74. Wireman (NSQF Level - 4)


There are 59 Non Engineering trades in ITI. These course are short term and 2 years courses. Some of the courses are most popular such as COPA, Basic cosmetology and Fashion Technology..,Those are listed below

  1. Agro Processing (NSQF Level - 4)
  2. Baker & Confectioner (NSQF Level - 4)
  3. Bamboo Works (NSQF Level - 3)
  4. Basic Cosmetology (NSQF Level - 4)
  5. Catering and Hospitality Assistant (NSQF Level - 4)
  6. Computer Aided Embroidery and Designing (NSQF Level - 4)
  7. Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance (NSQF Level - 4)
  8. Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (NSQF Level - 4)
  9. Dairying (NSQF Level - 4)
  10. Database System Assistant (NSQF Level - 5)
  11. Dental Laboratory Equipment Technician (NSQF Level - 5)
  12. Desktop Publishing Operator (NSQF Level - 4)
  13. Digital Photographer (NSQF Level - 4)
  14. Dress Making (NSQF Level - 4)
  15. Driver cum Mechanic (LMV) (NSQF Level - 3)
  16. Early Childhood Educator (NSQF Level - 4)
  17. Fashion Design and Technology (NSQF Level - 4)
  18. Finance Executive (NSQF Level - 4)
  19. Fire Technology and Industrial Safety Management (NSQF Level - 4)
  20. Fireman (NSQF Level - 3)
  21. Floriculture and Landscaping (NSQF Level - 4)
  22. Food and Beverages Service Assistant (NSQF Level - 4)
  23. Food Beverage (NSQF Level - 4)
  24. Food Production (General) (NSQF Level - 4)
  25. Footwear Maker (NSQF Level - 3)
  26. Front Office Assistant (NSQF Level - 4)
  27. Fruits and Vegetables Processing (NSQF Level - 4)
  28. Geo-Informatics Assistant (NSQF Level - 5)
  29. Health Safety and Environment (NSQF Level - 4)
  30. Health Sanitory Inspector (NSQF Level - 4)
  31. Horticulture (NSQF Level - 4)
  32. Hospital Housekeeping (NSQF Level - 4)
  33. Housekeeper (NSQF Level - 4)
  34. Human Resource Executive (NSQF Level - 4)
  35. IoT Technician (Smart Agriculture) (NSQF Level - 4)
  36. IoT Technician (Smart City) (NSQF Level - 4)
  37. IoT Technician (Smart Healthcare) (NSQF Level - 4)
  38. Leather Goods Maker (NSQF Level - 3)
  39. Marketing Executive (NSQF Level - 4)
  40. Milk and Milk Product Technician (NSQF Level - 4)
  41. Multimedia Animation and Special Effects (NSQF Level - 4)
  42. Old Age Care (NSQF Level - 4)
  43. Photographer (NSQF Level - 4)
  44. Physiotherapy Technician (NSQF Level - 4)
  45. Radiology Technician (NSQF Level - 5)
  46. Remotely Piloted Aircraft-Drone Pilot (NSQF Level - 4)
  47. Secretarial Practice (English) (NSQF Level - 4)
  48. Sewing Technology (NSQF Level - 4)
  49. Smartphone Technician Cum App Tester (NSQF Level - 3)
  50. Software Testing Assitant (NSQF Level - 5)
  51. Soil Testing and Crop Technician (NSQF Level - 4)
  52. Spa Therapy (NSQF Level - 4)
  53. Stenographer Secretarial Assistant (English) (NSQF Level - 4)
  54. Stenographer Secretarial Assistant (Hindi)(NSQF Level - 4)
  55. Surface Ornamentation Techniques (Embroidery) (NSQF Level - 4)
  56. Tourist Guide (NSQF Level - 4)
  57. Travel and Tour Assistant (NSQF Level - 4)
  58. Video Cameraman (NSQF Level - 4)
  59. Weaving Technician for Silk and Woolen Fabrics (NSQF Level - 3)



There are 5 courses are available for Visually impaired candidates. Al the courses are l;isted below,

  1. Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (NSQF Level - 3)
  2. Cutting and Sewing (NSQF Level - 3)
  3. Desktop Publishing Operator (NSQF Level - 3)
  4. Hair and Skin Care (NSQF Level - 3)
  5. Metal Cutting Attendant (NSQF Level - 3)

Sources: CSTARI-Calcutta-ITI courses.

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ITI Admission and Qualification.

In general, ITI admission has conducted annually in India.

Minimum Qualification:Age,Educational qualification and others..,

  • 14th age attained candidate can apply
  • 8th Pass is a minimum qualification
  • 10th pass or fail,+2 and degree for a course also eligible to apply
  • Orphan,PH,State sports and Ex service men are considered as a special category
  • Women can join women quota or general quota at ITIs
  • MR - Mentally Retarder candidate can also apply based on the percentage of MR.Mostly MR candidate can avoid to join ITI. MR candidate can join special scheme and courses which are offered for Training to MR

ITI Admission : Online Application, Counselling & Admission State wise in India.

Every year, ITI admission has been conducted for CTS training in India. A seperate admission process has conducted in all the states. State wise admission process conducted for NCVT certified courses and also SCVT certified ITI courses. There are 36 states and union territory has planned and conducted ITI admission in India. The below list of link has shown website portal for admission- state wise.

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ITI Syllabus

ITIs syllabus has framed in new curriculum and also Annual pattern from 2019 onwards. National Skill Qualification framework (NSQF) level followed and approved from NSQF. ITI Engineering trades and Non- Engineering trades both are encouraged by DGT under CTS-Craftsmen Training Scheme. Central Staff Training and Research Institute(CSTARI-CALCUTTA) web portal as well as DGET web portal both has published the ITIs syllabus for Engineering, Non-Engineering and also Visually impaired trainees. Trainees can download Pdf form from the above mentioned web portals. The detailed syllabus for ITIs courses as follows

ITI Certificate

Industrial Training Institute certificate offered by NCVT-NATIONAL COUNCIL OF VOCATIONAL TRAINING in the name of National Trade Certificate (NTC) and also State Council of Vocational Training certificate (SCVT) and Industrial Training Institute syllabus prepared by DGET-DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING and supported by NIMI-NATIONAL INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA INSTITUTE.


There are different streams at ITIs ,those are NCVT-National council of Vocational Training for ITI certificate issue and announcement of results in all over ITI's in India,SCVT-State council of vocational Training for State level authority to conduct exam and result for ITI'S which are located in the state of India, PPP-Public Private Partenership is also a programme for ITI training has a co operative work with Private companies, COE- Centre of Excellence for ITI training and courses.These are offered under the scheme of CTS-CRAFTSMEN TRAINING SCHEME. The above streams ITI NCVT certificate is very valid certificate.

  1. ITI's All trades -Trade theory & Practical
  2. Core skills-Employability skills-Common fore all trades
  3. Workshop calculation and Science-First year and Second Years syllabus
  4. Engineering Drawing- First year and Second Years syllabus.
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Difference between ITI and Diploma

ITI courses admission minimum eligibility is 8th pass whereas Diploma course admission eligibility is 10th pass.
ITI monitoring authority is DGET but Diploma courses monitored through Technical education council in India.
There are different short term courses and maximum duration of 2 years courses in ITI but Diploma courses is a three years course. Hence, Diploma courses permit ITI trainees and 12th pass trainees can enter direct 2nd year in Diploma course.But Nobody permit to join direct second year in ITI eventhough candidate has completed 12th standed and more than higher studies. All are can join ITI course as a fresher and first year only. ITI courses has been concentrating more on Practical where as Diploma course has been concentrating both theoretical as well as practical classes.

Lateral Entry to Polytechnic Diploma Engineering. Polytechnics approved by AICTE offer engineering courses for 3 years duration through an entrance exam known with different name in different states (JEXPO in West Bengal, JEEP in Uttarakhand, JEECUP in Uttar Pradesh, CG PPT in Chandigarh etc.).And After the completion of the course candidates are awarded with diploma in different disciplines.
(Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Industrial_training_institute)

Career & Benefits after ITI

  • 1. Apprenticeship Training with stipend upto 12500/= per month (based on CPI-Consumer Price Index)
  • 2. Permanent jobs in GOVT,Private and MNC companies.
  • 3. Entrepreneurship loan availability in various scheme.
  • 4. CITS-Craftsmen Instructor training
  • 5. NIELIT O' level examinations
  • 6. Foreign jobs.
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Apprenticeship Training after ITI

Apprenticeship is an one year or two years training with stipend in Industry. According to Apprenticeship Act 1961. Industries who are registered with Apprenticeship Act has been recruiting Trainees from ITI's for Apprenticeship. Permanent jobs provided to the ITI Trainees after the successful completion of ITI Trades. Industrial Training Institute in India is established for the purpose of job creation and economic power in poor people and village(rural) people.

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☆What is ITI?.

Industrial Training Institute is called in short as ITI. This is a training center has provided training in Engineering and Non-Engineering courses in the name of Craftsmen Training Scheme.

☆How many years of ITI courses?

There are different stream of ITI courses are followed in ITI. Those are 6 months short term courses, 1 year courses and 2 years Long term courses. Hence, Skill training courses is also available in 3 months duration or a specific area of training such as Mechanical, Welder..,

☆How much salary can get after ITI pass?

There is a huge no. of career opportunities are available after completing ITI courses. The minimum salary of 7,500 rupees per month to 20,000 per month and above as a fresher.

☆What is ITI Apprenticeship training?

ITI APPRENTICESHIP training is an one year training after completing ITI courses.

There are a huge number of job opprtunities are awaiting in Apprenticeship through central Government Apprenticeship. NAPS portal is the Apprenticeship registration place for all.

☆Can I eligible to apply ALP in Railway, Technician post in DRDO and Techincian post in NAVY after ITI pass?.

Yes, You can apply for ALP in Railway,

ALP, DRDO and NAVY jobs with ITI certificates. But, Some few courses only has been giving chances for these type of Jobs.

☆Which ITI course is best for Government Job?

ITI all trade started for the purpose of getting Jobs, reduce unemployment and also boost Indian economy. Best ITI courses for Government jobs are Electrician, Fitter, Wireman, Turner, Machinist, MMV, Draughtsman civil, Diesel Mechniac, Welder has been providing government jobs through the channel of Government depatments, Public sectors,Indian Railway sector and Technican jobs. After ITI Course ALP in Railway,

ALP, Navy and Public sector jobs are the most demanded Government jobs after ITI pass.

☆How much fees to join ITI courses?

In General, Government ITI fees is less than Private ITI(due to maintenance cost, Infrastructure and Staff salary). Government ITI courses fees 200 rupees to 4000 rupees per course on the other side of Private ITI has charged 15,000 to 50,000 based on ITI.

☆How can I join a ITI course?.

If you are completed 8th standard and also studied more than 8th standard. You are eleigible to Join ITI courses in your nearest Government and Private ITI.

☆Can I join higher studies after ITI pass?

Yes, You can join higher studies with certain conditions. Those are ITI with NIOS certificate or a particular Engineering course in ITI can join higher studies.

☆What is the full form of NCVT?

NCVT - National Council of Vocational Training. this is a certificate providing organisation for ITI course. Those who are completed ITI course successfully can get certificate through NCVT MIS web portal. NCVT is an organisation is holding authority for ITI certificate.

☆What is the ITI Board's name?

ITI Board's Name: Ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship(MSDE) controlled Directorate General of Employment and Training department(DGET) operated and National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) certified Vocational Training field Craftsmen Training scheme(CTS) skill training ITI courses.