SELF-CONFIDENCE BUILDING: 2 Prime (Short term & Long term) way of Self-Confidence building techniques.

SELF-CONFIDENCE BUILDING: 2 Prime (Short term & Long term) way of Self-Confidence building techniques. Essential Skills for Success- Problem Solving & Decision Making,Stress Time & Money Management in workplace & life.


Self confidence can be classified into two such as Short term and Long term.

Short term self confidence. In 3 T's

Team support, Techniques,Tips.

Team support

An action is required the motivation. Every action successes derived from the best motivation.Self confidence is a best motivator. People support is the best and best support for an action.Cheer up can made a gear up for the action. This is done through the team and support of all of us. A hero is never made alone, It is a team support and best unity.

Techniques to boost up self confidence.

Education, Experiences and mentorship are the self confidence creator for an action. Education is a bonus to learn a particular field of study and knowledge for us. It created self confidence more in all the regular activities to do in good manner in business, jobs and society.Education is like a planning for an action and an experience is a controlling monitor for the action based on real life learning. Hence, Mentorship is also a self confidence builder. Self confidence is created not only from our knowledge but also from mentorship. A good guidance can give a great success, more success creates more self confidence.

Tips in terms of money

Money makes many things. A job holder gets self confidence at the time of salary , incentives,perks in hands. This is a monthly booster and a confidence builder for a job holder. In general, salary is a good motivation technique, that is true. But now a days Salary is also a good confident creator for a short term. A business man can gets self confidence at the time of profit fro the product which has sold successfully. It creates not only a best motivation and a self confidence creator for the next step.

Long term self confidence. In 3 B's

Behaviour, Background of the Family, Best position


Motivation and its satisfaction gives behaviour. Self confidence can be achieved more through successful behaviour means social acceptance. An action must be in a norms and ethics based. Behaviour can creates good self confidence through social acceptable actions.

Background of the family

Economical status and neighbours and people recognition of a family can creates self confidence of a man. Family conflicts within the family or from neighbour will be reduced confidence in all the actions. We must creates a good atmosphere in our family and also society for our family. It will create a good self confidence.

Best positions can boost Self confidence

Promotion in job is a good self confidence creator for a man in long time. He / she can be motivated through promotion. A new goal and objectives will be boost up a man in all the way. We are all need to go for a better promotion not only in job but also in economical,social status for long term self confidence..

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