Internal knowledge & External Appearance made together Personality



 Patanjali  yoga guru given physical as well as mental fitness with the form of "yoga".Today so many yoga techniques and masters are teaching yoga for us.

yoga Timings:

Morning 3 am (Brahma Muhurat Time)to 5am

Evening  3 pm (Learning Time) to 6pm.

Benefits of yoga :
1.Physical stimulation
2.Mental stimulation
3.Increased muscle strength 
   (American osteopathic association revealed).
4.Improved immunity
5.Inner peace
6.Stress relief


Meditation is a inhealing and exhealing technique to establish a strong mind power and inner joy through meditate.It is purely for mental spirit.Meditation are given in varied form by different Mditation Trainers and practiced with certain slogans also.Meditation has given energy and peace of mind to us.
Meditation has been practiced with MUSICS.This is vary famous in online and also different site brings us to download various meditation Musics.
Benefits of Meditation:
1.Mental peace
2.Reduce stress
3.More concentration & Observation
4.Internal spirit


   Pranayama is entirely differ with other techniques such as yoga and meditation.
Pranayama is used to control breath in a proper way.

Benefits of Pranayama;
Mind power
Will power
Good Judgement 
Slim and Fit
Feel energetic
Build up self confidence
Blood circulation in right way.

Physical Exercise;

Modern days scientist and doctors recommended physical exercise like Jogging,Walking,Running are the best exercise to reduce stress and also improve the internal as well as external Health.


Dress code:
Dress Code play a vital role in industrial atmosphere and Interview for a Job. We must follow a Dress Code which is accepted more by the Corporates and Interviewer.

For men,


2.Solid color shirt
3.Charcoal grey
4.Dark Blue
5.Fawn are the men formal Shirts(full -sleeves).
Note: Avoid Jeans in shirt as well as pant(Trousers).

For women,

1.Kurtis and Salwar

Gentle pastel color (dark blue ,light yellow etc..,)

Body Language:

                   This is  vital   in  modern  days. It  is  in  the form  of   emotional   intelligence  and  how much  of  attention getting through our body language without spell a word and written form.
There are lot of body language techniques used to identify others emotions and feelings as well as express their own personality.


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