There are different exercises in practical life.We must do according to our necessity and some General exercise also is gentle to do..!

General Exercise:

                             The below list is explained some common exercise:

Excercise I :       
                      Walking : This is the great exercise among the all! It gives more benefit to the body as well as mind.Regular walking can give good result to all.

Daily Walking Time         : Morning 6 AM 

Times to Walk                    : 45 Minutes

Daily Walking Distance : Approximately 6 kms or even more!

Age & Distance of Walk : Above 51 Age - 6 Minutes Walk,Others can walk 20 to 45 Minutes per day!

                   Walking Kid :

Sometimes we walk more based on our energy and aspiration,that is fine,but we must take a few items with us to be  a safe walk..!

1. kerchief    2. Small Water bottle (200 ml) /soft drinks/Juices. 3. Clean and neat dress 4. A small piece of Towel  5. Mobile Phone   

         Check before Walk :
we must check before walk the following items,

1. Clean and neat kerchief  2. Clean and neat Water bottle with purified water  3. Well charged mobile Phone with perfect contact list   4. clean and neat T-shirt or wearable things...!

   Walking Benefits :
I. Strengthen Heart

2. Lose weight

3. Increase Vitamin D

4. Increase Energy level

5. Makes Happy !

6. Reduce Stress                                                                                           

7. Gives Freshness !               


                          JOGGING: Jogging is running at a gentle space.

Daily Jogging Time        : Morning 6 AM - Evening 5 PM

Times to Jogging              : 15 Minute to 25 Minutes

Daily Jogging Distance  : 4 Miles at beginning ,that is good start!

Age & Distance of Jogging : 51 and above must concentrate more about distance - 1 miles is enough to jogging!

Jogging Kid :

1. canvass  2. water bottle 3. wrist watch/smart watch  4. kerchief/small piece of Towel 5.Mobile Phone.

Jogging Benefits :

1. Cancer : National Cancer Institute has performed studies that suggest Jogging can reduce the risk of Lung,colon, breast and prostate cancers.
3. Weight Loss
4. Increased Energy and Concentration
5.Prevents  Bone Losses.